Why Owning a Ford Fusion Energi is a Great Value

August 22nd, 2022 by

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Ford’s First-Class Plug-In Hybrid is Efficient and Powerful on the Road

If you’re already familiar with the Ford Fusion’s state-of-the-art capabilities as a gas-electric hybrid sedan, you know that Ford has been working diligently as it continues to innovate in the growing market for electric vehicles.

However, you may not know that after the second generation of Ford Fusions, Ford released its first plug-in hybrid, the Ford Fusion Energi, which provides a comparable, yet innovative, option for electric car drivers, without compromising on its time-honored manufacturing and craftsmanship. Any Ford dealership and service center, including Zeck Ford’s Itasca dealership, would be fortunate to include this car in their inventory.

For car buyers in the market now for an electric vehicle, here are the details on what makes the Ford Fusion Energi a must-have for fuel-economy, power, and the superior manufacturing you’ve come to expect from Ford.

Key Differences Between a Hybrid and Hybrid Plug-In

To understand the difference between the Ford Fusion and its advanced hybrid plug-in model, the Ford Fusion Energi, let’s take a look at how each vehicle uses battery power.

Hybrid vehicles are appealing because they maximize fuel economy, though they do need traditional fuel as well. A hybrid vehicle simply provides a low level of electric power and allows the driver to move at slower speeds on full-electric power alone, such as in residential areas. If you’re used to stop-and-go city driving that saps your fuel, you can rely on the hybrid to give you electric power during these situations, saving you money.

However, the plug-in hybrid allows the driver to drive on full-electric power no matter where you go. The plug-in electric Ford Fusion Energi – when fully-charged – lets the driver travel an average of 21 to 26 miles on battery power alone. Once the battery pack runs low, the Energi then runs in hybrid mode. Therefore, the plug-in hybrid offers superior fuel economy when compared with the traditional hybrid model.

The Ford Fusion Energi Titanium model, a feature-laden four-wheel-drive sedan, boasts an electric battery that takes only seven hours to charge on a 110-volt plug. A 220-volt plug offers considerably less charging time at 2.5 hours.

The Ford Fusion Energi: An Affordable and Innovative Plug-in Hybrid

Most customers expect to pay a bundle for a vehicle with electric capability. However, a used Energi offers great value for those looking to save money on fuel, as well as lessen their carbon footprint. As an affordable electric option, we see car buyers searching for the best used car dealerships to get their hands on these vehicles.

Customers interested in the Ford Fusion Energi have included those who are environmentally-conscious, as well as those looking to save on high gas prices. Everyone from college students to families are eyeing these cars. We also hear from those who use their car primarily to commute, knowing that the fully-charged Energi battery can take them where they want to go without stopping to charge or visiting the gas pump.

What’s more, we are proud to announce that the Ford Fusion Energi was recently named Vincentric’s 2022 Best Certified Pre-Owned vehicle in the electric vehicle/plug-in hybrid electric vehicle category. Cited for its outstanding overall value, including affordability, fuel costs, and low incidence of maintenance and repairs, the Ford Fusion Energi is now an award-winning vehicle that stands out in its class.

Overview of the Ford Fusion Energi’s Specs

Continuing to please Ford customers everywhere, the Ford Fusion Energi can sport a 245-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, as well as all-wheel drive, if you’re ready to marry luxury with affordability.

Plenty of comfort and nimble handling make this car a joy to drive, much like any Ford you’ll find at the very best new and used car dealerships, including Itasca’s premier Ford dealership, Zeck Ford.

We think you’ll be pleased with the interior packages available for the Ford Fusion Energi, which include top-of-the-line design features, as well as intuitive modern infotainment and connectivity. When you combine this high-class interior style with Ford’s sleek new exterior looks, this car is going to turn heads.

Used or New – The Ford Fusion Energi is an Excellent Buy

The best used car dealerships in Texas are all looking to bring the Ford electric car line – including the Ford Fusion Energi – into their inventory because demand has only grown for these innovative gas-electric hybrids that give you the fuel economy you need, as well as the sporty control you’d expect from any Ford engine.

If you’re ready to experience all that Ford has to offer, look no further than Zeck Ford’s Itasca dealership. Our new and used car inventory, along with our high-rated Ford service center, has it all, from the latest models to superior single-owner used cars.

From SUVS, to trucks and sedans, Zeck Ford wants to make sure our Itasca customers are satisfied with the best deals on the market today. Get in touch with our sales team at (888) 708-3032, or send us a message online. Better yet, let us give you directions to our dealership here, so you can come on down, and see everything Zeck Ford Itasca has to offer!

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