Which New Ford Truck is Right for Me?

June 20th, 2022 by

photo of a 2022 ford maverick in orange driving down a hillside road

The F-150, Ranger, and Maverick Are Great, But Which Is Best for Texas Residents?

Once you’ve driven a Ford truck, all other brands fade out of your mind. Ford consistently makes trucks that are the best in class in comfort, towing capacity, and even fuel efficiency.

If you use your truck on the jobsite everyday, take it off roading on the weekends, or just drive around town, there’s a new or pre-owned Ford truck for sale that you might want to consider. Let’s take a look at three different new Ford trucks.

The 2022 New Ford F-150: The Worker

The Ford F-150 is the most iconic truck of all time, and that isn’t by accident. There are 16.1 million Ford F-series trucks on the road today, and the F-150 is the most popular of those. Millions of people trust this truck to get things done.

If you’re someone that needs a truck to work for you, look no further. The Ford F-150 comes with six different engine options to match your exact needs and includes a full hybrid option if you’re concerned about fuel efficiency and high gas prices.

The F-150 features the best towing and payload capacity in its class so you know you’re getting the best truck for whatever you need to move. The built-in Pro Power Onboard allows you to plug in your power tools – or anything else – directly into the truck so the work can go anywhere, whether that’s your driveway or a construction site. If you need something even stronger, check out the Ford Super-Duty lineup of F-250s, F-350s, or F-450s, ready to take on any challenge.

  • Starts at $30,870
  • Available 12-inch touchscreen
  • Towing capacity up to 11,300 pounds

If you think the Ford F-150 is right for you, check out Zeck Ford in Itasca, a Ford dealership near you, for new or pre-owned trucks for sale.

The 2022 New Ford Ranger: The Do-It-All

The Ford Ranger is a versatile truck that is ready for anything. With a 6-foot bed and 7,500 pound towing capacity, it’s still great for work, but it also has more of a fun side than the bigger F-150.

The Ford Ranger is the perfect truck for off-roading with its high ground clearance and can be made even more suited to intense terrain with the Tremor® Off-Road package. With a 10-speed transmission and best-in-class gas powered torque, it’s easy to see why 224,972 Ford Rangers have been sold since 2020 in the US.

This truck is terrific for outdoor adventures. Put your kayaks, bikes, or even a pickup bed tent in the back, and you’re ready to conquer the great outdoors. The Ford Ranger boasts up to 26 miles per gallon, which is great for anyone making long trips to beautiful destinations.

  • Starts at $25,980
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Turbocharged Gas Engine

The 2022 New Ford Maverick: The Life of the Party

The Ford Maverick is the truck that wants to have fun. Bring your friends to a tailgate, and play some music from the speaker you just plugged into the built-in outlet in the truck bed. And it’ll be the most popular truck at the party with a built in bottle opener and WiFi hotspot.

If you decide the Ford Maverick is the truck for you, you won’t be spending much time at the gas pump because it can get up to 42 miles per gallon, and go up to 500 miles on a single tank. This means you save more time and money to do the things you enjoy.

With all the talk about fun, don’t forget the Ford Maverick is a truck and has a one-ton towing capacity. All these benefits make the Ford Maverick a truck to consider for those who want to test out owning a truck for the first time, or want to go down a size from their previous truck.

  • Starts at $19,995
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility
  • 110 Volt Outlets

Special order your very own Maverick through our Ford dealership near you.

“I Know What New Ford Truck I Want, Now What?”

Think you know which new Ford truck to buy? Shop at Zeck Ford Itasca, where you’ll find a large selection of new and pre-owned trucks for sale. Don’t forget to bring your new ride back to our Ford service center to take care of it so it lasts you for years to come, no matter what adventures you take it on.

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