Used Car Financing: We’ve Made It Easy To Finance at Our Itasca Ford Dealership

July 18th, 2022 by

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What Makes Us The Best Used Car Dealership To Finance With? Lots of Things!

Financing anything is a tough situation to navigate with so many numbers, options, and terms being thrown around. This is especially true when sitting in a car dealership with a salesman trying to close a deal and bombarding you with options. It’s confusing if you don’t know the ins and outs of how car financing works.

Your Itasca Ford dealership wants to make that process less stressful on you and make financing your new car as smooth as possible. We put tools on our website that allow you to follow a few simple steps, find financing, and pick up an awesome new-to-you vehicle, even without leaving your couch. (Heads Up: You’ll want to have shopped our selection and picked a car you want for this process to give you the most realistic results.)

Step 1: Check Your Trade In Value

Our Itasca Ford dealership couldn’t be the best used car dealership in Texas without our inventory of used vehicles. We look forward to purchasing your car from you and making it new to someone else.

We’ve made it easy to get this process going with the trade-in value tool on our website. Some of the factors that will affect your trade in value are mileage, exterior condition, features, interior condition, and demand for the type of vehicle. While we can move forward in the process of applying for financing, we did want to remind you that you will need to bring your trade-in vehicle into our Itasca Ford dealership to have it appraised before the trade-in can be finalized.

We pride ourselves on offering the fairest offer we possibly can and keeping the process simple and easy to understand.

Step 2: Calculate Your Monthly Payment

One of the biggest factors of financing is the monthly payment you will be responsible for. It’s important to make sure you can afford the vehicle you are looking to buy. We try to make this as easy as possible with the monthly payment calculator on our website.

Once you’ve gotten your trade-in value, you can plug that and other vehicle information into the calculator to get an estimated monthly payment should you finance that vehicle. This is where knowing what car you want comes in handy – you can get exact numbers and car information for the vehicle you want.

Step 3: Apply For Financing Via Our Itasca Ford Dealership

After you’ve had a chance to assess your trade-in value and find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget, it’s time to apply for financing.

No need to leave where you are; our Itasca Ford dealership allows you to complete the application process online. You can get your car reserved and ready for you from anywhere you need to be.

Why Finance With Us?

Not only did we make the financing process seamless and painless for you to navigate easily, but we also have other advantages that make us the best used car dealership to finance with.

  • Competitive financing rates and terms from a variety of third-party lenders, including local banks and credit unions.
  • Dedicated finance team to help you navigate the financing process and do the leg work to find the best loan terms for you.

Buy It, and Bring It Back!

We don’t just sell cars – we maintain and upgrade them as well! Our Ford service center has a team of highly-trained technicians who are familiar with vehicles like yours and can give it the best and fastest service you’ll find. On top of that, you’ll be treated to a pleasant experience overall with perks like:

  • Honoring factory and third-party extended warranties
  • Updated and clean waiting areas
  • Shuttle service
  • Friendly staff

And we make it convenient to take care of your vehicle. You can schedule a service online today!

Need More Help Finding A Car?

We have an experienced team of personal shoppers that has been helping get customers out of our Itasca Ford dealership and into vehicles they love for years! Let us continue that tradition with you.

Our selection is large and versatile across new and used cars, and we invite you to shop our inventory online and see what options interest you. Ready to buy? Let us know – or pay us a visit at 1201 E. Main St. in Itasca, Texas.

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