Unexpected Winter Weather? Safe Driving Tips for Texans

October 10th, 2022 by

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Your Itasca Ford Dealership Wants You Safe On the Road This Winter

Winter weather in Texas can really catch drivers off guard and cause problems getting where you need to go. Most people will deal with winter weather conditions on a regular basis as over 70 percent of U.S. roads are in regions deemed “snowy,” or more well-defined as receiving more than five inches of snowfall a year. This inclement weather has many adverse effects to the driving experience.

Some common complications include:

  • Less Pavement Friction
  • Compromised visibility
  • Reduced Vehicle Maneuverability
  • Slower Speeds
  • Lower road capacity
  • Increases crash risk

While the winter weather can be surprising and unexpected in Texas, it has become a more common occurrence in recent years. While this can be scary for drivers and make it harder to get to your destinations, there are steps you can take to improve safety during adverse weather conditions.

Zeck Ford Texas, your Itasca Ford dealership, wants to share some tips with you for driving safely in winter weather.

Allow Car To Warm Up

In winter weather, snow and ice can pack on your car and affect visibility and performance. It is hard enough to see with snow and sleet falling from the sky, so having snow or ice caked on your windows is dangerous as it disrupts the view of blind spots and other vehicles. This makes it hard to drive safely because you’re not able to be 100 percent prepared for the actions of all cars around you. Simple stops, turns, and lane changes can be dangerous in inclement weather, so it’s important to do your part to stay safe on the road this winter by allowing your windshield and windows to thaw and removing all snow and ice before driving.

Invest in an ice scraper to remove any snow build up or sheets of ice before you drive. Be sure to turn your windshield defroster on before you scrape.

Let Our Ford Service Center Equip Your Vehicle With Winter Tires

You’ll be surprised how much better your car can perform with the correct equipment in the winter. Driving in a snowstorm or icy roads with “summer” tires can be detrimental to the driving experience and your safety. Winter tires are made to boost the grip and traction for your car in winter weather by staying more pliable in cold temperatures.

See the difference for yourself! Our Itasca Ford dealership offers a low-price tire guarantee that makes it easier to decide to equip your car with the tires it needs to keep you safe and comfortable this winter.

Take Steps to Safely Operate Your Vehicle

While you can take all of the possible steps to be prepared to hit the road in winter weather, you still have to take the steps while driving to arrive safely. We don’t want to see you in our Ford service center’s body shop for damages that happened as a result of driving unsafely.

Some things to keep in mind to stay safe while on the road in snow and ice include:

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly; never “slam” on your brakes
  • Avoid stopping when going up or downhill
  • Steer in direction of skids and slides; don’t panic and overcorrect
  • Increase follow distance by at least 2 seconds
  • Don’t use cruise control
  • Understand your car’s capabilities (4WD, brake systems, etc.)

Our Itasca Ford Dealership Wants You Safe This Winter

At Zeck Ford Itasca, the best used car dealership in Texas, we care about our customers and their safety. If these safe driving tips didn’t give the impression, our customer service surely will.

Our customer service philosophy is called the Zecksperience, removing all of the factors that make it difficult and stressful for you to buy a car. When you walk into our doors at 1201 E. Main St., you’ll be met with the following:

  • Upfront Pricing: We list our best prices up front, so you know what you’re going to pay before you ever test drive a car.
  • No Haggling: Don’t worry about bringing your lawyer friend or your dad. We don’t employ pushy salespeople at our Itasca Ford dealership. Instead, our non-commissioned personal shoppers are at your service to help you find your dream car, so you never need to try to strike up a bargain to get a good deal.
  • 120-Point Inspection: We perform rigorous testing on every vehicle on our lot. All of our vehicles are inspected for quality before being put up for sale. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t sell it to you.

Ready for a new and unique car buying journey? Stop by or contact the best used car dealership in Texas today!

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