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teenage driving safety

Help Keep Your Youthful Driver Safe on the Road with Help from the Best Used Car Dealership in Hill County

A reliable used car could be the reason your teenage driver makes it home.

Breakdowns or the temptation to speed in a sports car are both precarious situations, but a sensible first car is just what they need when they’re learning to be responsible citizens on the road.

And you want your teen in a quality vehicle; they’re already at an elevated risk of getting into a fatal car crash. In fact, the fatal crash rate of drivers ages 16 to 19 is three times that of drivers who are aged 20 and older.

Not only is a safe vehicle important, but learning how to drive defensively and understanding the rules of the road are vital. Consider these tips for your teen driver to keep them safe behind the wheel.

Limit Nighttime Driving as Much as Possible

Teens are three times more likely to get into a car accident at night than during the day, so your teen can stay safer by arriving at their destination before it gets dark.

Of course, nighttime driving is sometimes necessary, especially when it gets dark earlier during the winter months, and sports practices, band rehearsal, and other activities tend to run late.

Encourage your teen driver to stay in one location, rather than driving from place to place after dark. Sleepovers with friends are safer than going out to dinner, to see a movie, or “cruising” around town.

Reach Reasonable Speeds with Ford MyKey

A used car with Ford MyKey can help you control driving settings and SYNC technology on your teen’s vehicle.

The Top Speed Restriction allows you to limit the fastest speed of the vehicle to 65, 70, 75, or 80 miles per hour. It will chime an alert at speeds of 45, 55, and 65 miles per hour as well, to encourage the driver to watch the speedometer.

The safety this feature provides is totally worth your teen being disgruntled! Talk to one of our personal shoppers at our Itasca Ford dealership to find a used vehicle with MyKey.

Master the Art of Changing a Tire

Knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance is important, so teen drivers should also know how to change a tire so they don’t need to rely on anyone, including roadside assistance, to get back on the road.

Teach your teen driver how to jack up the vehicle, loosen the lug nuts, swap out the tire, tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern, and stow the flat tire.

Eliminate Distractions Altogether

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, an organization that provides crash test data on new vehicles, reports that distracted drivers cause the majority of car wrecks.

But distractions are more than just cell phones. They can be noisy passengers, eating, or other multi-tasking while behind the wheel.

To help teach your teen to avoid distractions while driving, lead by example. Always pull over when you need to send a text or answer your phone, ask passengers to stay quiet while you drive, and focus on the road ahead. A good role model imparts responsible driving habits.

Keep Friends Out of the Car

Even if it’s perfectly legal for your child to drive with friends in the car with them, create a rule that they aren’t allowed to anyway.

Friends come with lots of distractions, and can even encourage your teen to show off behind the wheel. Without friends riding in the passenger seat or back seat, there are fewer people to distract your child, and fewer lives for them to be responsible for while they’re driving.

Adjust Your Mirrors and Seats

Just as you’d adjust the mirrors and seats before taking a test drive at the best used car dealership in Texas, you should make sure they’re in the right place before you shift out of park on your regular, daily drives.

Some teens share their vehicle with other family members, so before they put the car into gear, prompt your teen driver to check and adjust all their mirrors and their seat. There’s a good chance they’re moved out of optimal position, which makes for unsafe and difficult driving.

Never Drink and Drive

Consuming any amount of alcohol before driving is a bad idea, and even worse if you’re a teenager. Not only is teenage driving illegal, but drunk driving is incredibly dangerous for anyone on the road.

To remove the temptation to drink and drive, support your teen if they need a ride home from a party. Don’t be judgmental or angry when they call you to pick them up instead of driving home. They’re choosing to do the right thing, rather than trying to drive themselves and their friends home.

By removing the fear that they’ll be punished for being responsible, they’re less likely to get into trouble with the law – or lose their lives.

Buy a Safe Car from Our Ford Dealership Near You

Today’s used cars come with many more standard safety features that weren’t available when you were learning how to drive. These features make it easier to see in blind spots, warn you before a collision, and even stop to prevent one. They’re also designed to keep you safe should an accident actually occur.

Shop at Zeck Ford Itasca for a used car at the right price, and see what makes us truly different. Make an appointment with a no-pressure personal shopper to take a test drive today, and then after you buy the car, help your teen take care of it by bringing it back to our Ford service center.

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