How to Spot the Best Used Car Dealerships in Texas

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A Ford Dealership Near You Makes the Cut!

Buying a brand-new vehicle is exciting, but so is purchasing a used vehicle. A new-to-you ride revitalizes your enjoyment of driving.

But if you’re in the market for a used vehicle, you don’t want to visit a dealership that isn’t reputable, or that doesn’t offer the highest-quality used vehicles in the area. And you certainly don’t want to feel the pressure of a commissioned salesperson, trying to convince you into spending money on a car that’s not quite right for you.

So, how do you figure out if you’re working with the best used car dealership? Follow these steps – or skip reading and come straight to our Itasca Ford dealership.

Read Online Reviews of the Ford Dealership Near You

Looking for a used Ford? Then see what other people are saying about the local dealership. Online reviews are the best way to do this.

First, locate online reviews on a variety of websites – not just one. You might find incredible reviews on one, but less-than-stellar reviews on another.

Read carefully, looking for unusual inconsistencies or extreme similarities among online reviews. For example, if all the reviews sound the same, they may not be authentic. Similarly, if certain reviews sound wildly dramatic, you may want to take them with a grain of salt, too.

Ask People You Know for Their Recommendations

There’s a good chance your friends, family, and coworkers have purchased a vehicle before. Ask them about which they think is the best used car dealership in your area.

It’s probably a safe bet that the people you know will be honest with you about their experiences, and they can tell you who to visit – and who you should skip altogether.

Research Fair Prices on Used Vehicles

If you have a short list of vehicle makes and models you’re considering, then you should compare the prices at the dealerships you may visit to Kelley Blue Book’s website, or other valuation services. A reputable dealership won’t overcharge you for a used car. You shouldn’t have to haggle to get the best possible price, either.

But be careful about price comparisons. Make sure you’re looking at the same vehicle make, model, year, and feature packages in your price check as what is on the vehicle you’re considering. For example, a gas-powered Ford Fusion will cost less than the hybrid version of the sedan. And an Explorer SUV with a V8 engine is likely to cost more than one with a V6. Similarly, fully-loaded trim levels, like Titanium, SEL, or Platinum, will also cost more than a base trim, like the XL or S.

The Best Used Car Dealerships Offer Vehicle History Reports

A vehicle history report, like a CarFax, can tell you a lot about a used car. These reports will show you how many owners a vehicle has had, whether it’s been in a collision, if it’s needed repairs, and if it’s been maintained properly.

These car history reports should be offered without asking; it’s even better if they’re available on the dealership website.

And if you visit a Ford dealership near you where they balk at showing you a report, it’s time to find a better place to shop for a used vehicle.

You Never Feel Pressured to Buy

If a salesperson at a car dealership is pressuring you into buying a vehicle, or if you’re feeling uncomfortable while working with them, then you may not be at the best used car dealership. Buying a vehicle is stressful enough without a salesperson adding to it.

You’re better off finding a car dealership that doesn’t employ commissioned salespeople. Instead, find one where personal shoppers are paid a salary, so their desire to help you find a vehicle you’ll love isn’t motivated solely by the money they make.

A no-pressure personal shopper should give you the information you need to know about a vehicle so you can make your own informed decision. They also should help you compare vehicles against each other and treat you like a valued customer. This is how we run our Itasca Ford dealership, and we know it makes a positive difference for car shoppers.

Why You Can Trust Our Our Itasca Ford Dealership

Zeck Ford Itasca, just a short drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, should be your top choice for reliable and quality used cars.

We truly believe we’re the best, and our transparent pricing guarantee and 126-point inspections on every vehicle we sell prove that.

Come visit our dealership at 1201 E. Main Street in Itasca to see what makes us different. You’ll be happy that you did.

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