Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Love Driving Ford Vehicles

October 24th, 2022 by

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Our Itasca Ford Dealership Offers Suggestions to Win Secret Santa This Year

It’s holiday season again and we all know what that means. Black Friday, holiday shopping for family, office holiday parties with secret santa, etc. It can be hard to stay on top of it all. Shopping for gifts is hard enough for friends and family, but when you’re shopping for co-workers you don’t really know, it can seem impossible.

If you got the office car lover for secret santa this year, you came to the right place. Zeck Ford Itasca, the best used car dealership in Texas, has some of the best suggestions of creative and reasonable gifts to win secret santa while also giving your recipient something they’ll enjoy and likely don’t have in their car already.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are growing in popularity amongst all drivers and are a great gift for car enthusiasts that value safety and awareness of their surroundings. This is the type of gift you hope your recipient never actually has to use, but you know they will appreciate it if they do need the footage. Find a dash cam with a good amount of pixels that also includes other features like GPS, Wi-Fi, and more.

Portable Car Battery Charger

This is a nifty gift for any driver, but continuing the theme of safety and security, your co-worker will love a portable car battery charger. Many of these chargers can start an engine up to 8.5 liters and can pack over 2,000 mAh. Coming in portable and easily stowable sizes, these are perfect for car lovers to keep in their car for emergencies. Additional features that can be found on these chargers include USB outlets and LCD displays that enhance the experience and functionality of these helpful tools.

Weather Proof Floor Mats

Most drivers agree that the factory floor mats that come in their vehicle are sub par. They usually are just for show and provide no resistance to liquid, food, mud, or any other debris that could find its way into their vehicle. Car lovers take pride in the appearance of their Ford vehicles, making weatherproof floor mats are a perfect practical gift for a car lover. The best mats will be made from a high quality rubber material and have a design that makes it easy for unwanted debris to be collected and removed from their car.

Car Care Kit

We think our Ford vehicles look better with a new car shine and you’d be hard pressed to find a car lover that doesn’t want their car sparkling clean, inside and out. Find your coworker or family member a car care kit with all the essentials to keep their car spotless. Look for kits that include cleaners and protectants in the form of wipes and spray. Additionally, next level kits will have more items like lint rollers, cleaning towels, and air fresheners.

The Best Gift You Can Give? Recommend Our Itasca Ford Dealership

While we know all car lovers would love to be gifted a car this holiday season, that’s way over the secret santa limit. However, you can give the car lovers in your life the best free gift we can think of: tell them Zeck Ford Itasca is the best used car dealership to buy from the next time they are car shopping. You wouldn’t do half bad paying us a visit, either. Our large inventory of new and used Ford vehicles is second to none in Texas, and we know we have options for all shoppers.

Additionally, our customers get the Zecksperience when they shop with us. That is our one-of-a-kind customer service model. Our sales process has one goal in mind: to get customers in the car that is the best fit for them at a price they’re happy to pay. Rest assured you don’t have to deal with the following common deterrents of the car buying process:

  • NO Haggling: We list our best prices, so customers don’t have to negotiate and nag for every penny.
  • NO Pressure: We will never pressure shoppers to purchase a car that they don’t love or can’t afford. We work with them to find the best options in their desired price range.
  • NO Salespeople: We don’t employ intimidating and overbearing salespeople. We fill our staff with non-commissioned personal shoppers who are paid a salary, so they are only focused on the customer’s needs.

Send the car lovers in your life or come see for yourself at 1201 E. Main Street in Itasca, just a short drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Contact us if you have any questions before you visit.

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