Get Through the Texas Winter with These Accessories for Your New Ford Truck

December 15th, 2021 by

ford truck in winter

Get Them Installed in the Ford Service Center at Our Itasca Ford Dealership

Although winter in Texas is usually mild, the last couple of years have shown us that Texans had better be prepared for anything. And trucks are the ideal winter vehicle, with four-wheel drive capabilities, and lots of tough features to help us get through, like the F-150 Hybrid’s built-in generator.

More generally, trucks are just plain convenient. They can haul around big items that don’t fit in other vehicles, and are ripe with opportunities to customize them.

If you’re looking for pre-owned trucks for sale or new Ford trucks for sale, start at Zeck Ford Itasca, near the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Buy a truck from our Ford dealership near you, and you’ll be better prepared for whatever winter serves up.

Add a Tonneau Cover to the Bed to Protect Cargo

A soft tonneau cover won’t keep Texas dust out of the bed of your truck, but it will keep your cargo out of sight and secured as you drive down the road – or park at the mall. Tonneau covers aren’t major investments, but the storage they provide is immense in comparison.

A manual or retractable tonneau cover mounts to the edges of your truck bed, and securely locks when your tailgate is up and locked, too. Soft covers are ideal because they don’t get in the way when you haul furniture or lumber, since they roll up neatly just behind the cab of the truck.

Get a quality tonneau cover from Zeck Ford Itasca when you buy your truck, or contact us about adding one to a truck you already own.

Protect Your New Ford Truck Interior with All-Weather Rubber Mats

Extend the life of your truck’s interior and protect your investment with custom-molded all-weather mats designed to perfectly fit your pickup. These mats protect your carpet from de-icing agents, which can stain and wear out your carpeting, and from collecting mud from your boots or sneakers.

Of course, cheap imitations of all-weather rubber mats are everywhere, but if you want a reliable set that you know you can count on, you’ll want to shop the parts and Ford service center at our dealership for a set that won’t roll up behind your pedals or shift around as you drive.

Add a Handy Winch

Offroading, mud, and even the occasional ice build up can strand you or someone else in a ditch. A winch attached to your new Ford truck can help get you out of a situation.

Some newer trucks even come with a built-in winch (like the Ford Super Duty releasing for the 2022 model year), so they don’t have to be obtrusive. An aftermarket or OEM winch will properly fit your truck; just ask for help finding one at our Itasca Ford dealership.

Heated Seats Keep You Warm

Lower trim levels of Ford trucks don’t offer heated seats, even as an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get heated seats, if you want them. Almost any customization is possible.

Heated seats keep you warm when you hop into your truck first thing on a winter morning. If you run hot, your passenger can stay warmer, if you refuse to turn on the heat, too! And if you work hard, a seat heater can loosen tight back muscles on your drive home. You might even find them handy for keeping your pizza hot after you pick it up!

In our parts department, our team can add heated seats to your Ford truck, often rolling the cost into your truck payment if you’re adding the seats as you’re signing your purchase agreement.

Don’t have the budget for true heated seats? You can find heated seat covers or throw blankets that plug into one of the many outlets on your F-150’s dashboard or console. You’ll have to navigate annoying wires, but it’s a small price to pay for a warm backside.

Opt for Cold Weather Tires

Snow tires are a misnomer because they aren’t exclusively for driving in snow. They’re meant for winter driving, regardless of the road conditions.

Winter tires are made of a different type of rubber than all-season ones. This rubber stays more malleable and soft to better grip the road when temperatures drop. All-season tire rubber gets hard and doesn’t provide as much traction.

If you’re expecting a harsh winter in Texas this year, or if you drive a lot to places where snow is more common, you might want to put winter tires on your truck. Or, if you don’t want to buy winter tires, you should at least purchase new all-season tires if yours are getting worn out.

When you buy new tires from Zeck Ford Itasca, you get our Low-Price Tire Guarantee. If you find the same tires for less money elsewhere, we’ll refund you the difference, even after you’ve paid us.

Snag a New Truck for Sale at Our Itasca Ford Dealership Near You

It’s hard to trick out your new truck if you don’t have one yet. Remedy that problem at Zeck Ford Itasca, where you’ll not only find a new Ford F-150, but lots of used trucks at no-haggle, transparent prices.

Call us to make an appointment with one of our non-commissioned personal shoppers, and you’ll soon be driving away in a new truck. And don’t forget to talk to our parts department to learn how you can customize your new ride in your own way.

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