Ford Set to Revolutionize Van Life (and Work!) with an All-Electric Cargo Van

May 9th, 2022 by

Ford e-Transit

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If you thought Ford was going to stop at new electric trucks, think again.

The Blue Oval is adding an all-electric cargo van to their line-up, and van-life fans and businesses from all over the country are sure to be lining up to get their own e-Transit van. We expect to see the first deliveries to dealerships soon.

Ready to cut energy expenses as you travel for work or play? Then the e-Transit cargo van may be for you.

Ford Puts Greater Focus on Electric Vehicles

Visit our Itasca Ford dealership within the next few years, and it’s likely you’ll see a variety of electric vehicles – EVs for short – for sale. This year, Ford announced it was doubling production of the F-150 Lightning, an all-electric truck, by mid-2023 in response to high demand, with the first ones hitting the road this year.

The e-Transit, a configurable all-electric cargo van, will help Ford gain market share over the existing 40 percent they hold with their standard combustion-engine Transit vans.

And with states adopting more strict emissions regulations, Ford anticipates the van market to reach $1.1 million in commercial sales through 2030. For comparison, each 2022 e-Transit van starts at just $47,000, which is close to the cost of their cargo van with a standard gas engine.

What’s in the Electric Van?

The e-Transit is a no-frills vehicle with a few standard features and various upgrade packages you can purchase when you place a special order through Zeck Ford Itasca.

Standard features include the latest Ford Sync infotainment system and bucket seats. Ceiling height, body length, color, and interior upgrade packages can be customized and configured to your liking.

And Ford makes sure you don’t have to give up power in exchange for an electric motor. The standard electric motor achieves up to 266 horsepower, 317 pound-feet of torque, and 198 kilowatts of power. And with Pro Power OnBoard, you can run power tools or small kitchen appliances through the built-in 2.4kW generator, like a much-needed coffee pot or toaster for breakfast on the go.

Talk to a personal shopper at Zeck Ford Itasca to learn more about the full list of features and options for the e-Transit cargo van.

Is Charging the Van Going to Be a Problem?

No need to worry, road warriors! Although electric vehicles are a relatively new concept, you don’t need to fret about how and where you can charge your e-Transit van when you’re out on the open road.

The Blue Oval Charging Network is available nationwide with 63,000 Ford-branded charging stations. You can, of course, use generic EV charging stations, too. And as the demand for electric vehicles grows, we anticipate even more charging stations popping up.

Order an e-Transit Van at Our Itasca Ford Dealership

Go green while you haul cargo or your home with an all-electric van. Zeck Ford Itasca can help you place your order for an e-Transit van of your own. You can follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Visit our special-order website.
  2. Click “Build My Ford.”
  3. Select “E-Transit Cargo Van 2022” to begin customizing yours.

Want input from a pro? Visit Zeck Ford Itasca in person to learn more about the process and get help from one of our personal shoppers. Remember that not every vehicle is available for custom order at any given time, so you may need to come back later to complete your special order.

Thinking About Buying Used Instead?

If you’re not quite ready for a brand-new electric cargo van, Zeck Ford Itasca is one of the best used car dealerships for finding rigorously-inspected, quality preowned vehicles in Texas.

Browse our inventory of used cars at our Itasca Ford dealership on our website, then make an appointment with a personal shopper to take a test drive and complete your purchase.

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Meet with salaried personal shoppers, not commissioned salespeople, at Zeck Ford Itasca. Our transparent pricing policy means the number of the price tag is the lowest we can accept, so you never have to haggle to get a good deal.

And with our 126-point inspection, you can feel assured that the vehicle you’re buying is quality and reliable.

See what the Zecksperience, our unique customer satisfaction philosophy, brings to the table. When you’re ready to buy an e-Transit van or any other great Ford vehicle, visit us at 1201 E. Main Street in Itasca, Texas.

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