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Protect your Ford truck and your cargo from the elements

Why do I need a truck bed liner?

No matter how many bells and whistles your truck has, if it isn’t in good working order, you won’t be going anywhere. Investing in a truck bed liner is an easy way to protect your truck from the harsh Texas weather. Truck bed liners are critical if you want to maintain the condition of your cargo and your truck’s bed while traveling. Spray-on bed liners can be used to protect a range of vehicle surfaces from dings and scratches.

Because of their skid-proof surfaces, truck bed liners help keep your cargo in place while driving. Doing so avoids damage to your cargo due to slipping. Furthermore, they serve as shock absorbers and dampen vibrations, both of which could harm the payload they’re transporting.

There is a risk of weather damage if your truck does not have a cover protecting the bed from the Itasca, TX elements. If your vehicle has a bed liner, the metal will be protected from the elements, which will help it last longer.

Use spray-on bed liners on your bumpers, fenders, floorboards, and other exposed areas of your vehicle. The liner can also produce a non-skid surface and protect these metals from rusting when applied to other metal surfaces.

Drop-in bed liners vs. spray-on bed liners

Drop-in liners and spray-on liners are the two primary forms of bed liners. Both options offer dent- and skid-proof surfaces in your truck bed, but they each have their advantages.

Drop-in bed liners are helpful since they are simple to install and remove from the truck. While spray-on bed liners do not require any maintenance after application, even those with a lifetime guarantee will wear out over time without proper preparation. Bed liners that are sprayed on have the advantage of being flexible and not cracking even when the weather is brutal. Spray-on bed liners are more durable and can be used to protect other surfaces as well.

Ford trucks for sale with bed liners

When you browse new Trucks for sale in Texas, you’ll often find the option to have a bed liner pre-installed on a new F-150 for sale or another Ford truck. Used trucks for sale, mainly used F-150s in Itasca, TX, often come with truck accessories pre-installed, including bed liners.

Best truck bed liners in Texas

There are many bed liner kits to choose from at Ford dealerships in Texas like Zeck Ford Itasca. The first we’ll recommend is a Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit from Custom Coat. It’s a good option for those who haven’t previously installed a spray-on bed liner before, as it includes everything you need except for some tape and sandpaper. You get four liters of spray-on bed liner, a tint/hardener, and a spray gun for application.

For best results, sand down the bed and apply a primer. Custom Coat’s truck bed liner kits are a touch more expensive than other options, but they will always give you a good result.

For a cheaper option, consider a Brush-on Bed Liner Kit from Herculiner. You get roughly the same amount of bed liner in a kit as you do with the more expensive kit from Custom Coat, but you instead get an application brush and two rollers.

This bed liner kit results in a shiny finish and a robust and durable surface that doesn’t flake or peel. You’ll need to apply multiple coats, leaving a few hours between applications. You’ll get about two coats out of one kit, so you might want to buy multiple kits if you want to apply extra coats.

The Raptor Black Truck Bed Liner Kit from U-Pol Products is another popular choice. It too comes with four liters of bed liner. This time, though, you don’t get a spray gun, so you’ll need to buy your own if you don’t already own one. Tape off your tailgate and everything else you don’t want to be lined, sand your truck’s bed, and spray Raptor Black on. Again, applying a bed primer beforehand can result in a cleaner finish, but the color on this liner kit is excellent.

Finally, we like the urethane formula Truck Bed Liner Kit from U-POL. It comes with four liters of bed liner, a spray gun, and a hardener. We’ve heard reports of this truck bed liner chipping when applied too heavily, but it comes with clear instructions, and it dries remarkably quickly.

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