4 Creative Ways To Use Your Truck (Other Than Moving Stuff)

July 8th, 2021 by

Ford F-150 Texas

Your Ford F-150 Gets the Job Done! Get One at Our Ford Dealership in Itasca, Texas

Applaud yourself for your creativity – and celebrate your Ford F-150’s abilities – when you try these five ways to use your truck.

This model year’s truck is full of features that help truck owners solve problems and enrich life. And when you buy a new Ford F-150 from Zeck Ford in Itasca, Texas, you’ll feel like your options are limitless.

If any of these ideas sound like fun to you, but you don’t have an F-150, visit our Ford dealership to take a test drive.

Catch Some Zs in Your Ford Pickup Truck

If you work hard and play hard, then you need to sleep hard. With a 2021 Ford F-150, you can get your job done, take a quick nap, and get on with your day.

If your Ford truck has an upper trim level, then it probably comes with max recline seats, which allow your front seats to lay nearly completely flat. If you have an office job, you can spend your lunch break taking a rest, or nap before a long commute home.

And if you didn’t get a truck with the max recline seats, you still have an option! The new F-150 with a full-length cargo box is perfect for your next camping trip. Not only can you use it to haul all your gear, but you can spread out your air mattress and sleeping bag to camp in style and comfort.

Power Your House with a 2021 Ford F-150

Ford’s awesome Pro Power Onboard generator is so powerful that many owners used it to power their homes during outages this past winter right here in Texas! And while we hope we never have to go through a blackout like that ever again, it’s good to be prepared.

There are three levels of power available in the generator, which are capable of powering a single power tool, or your home’s entire kitchen!

And if you bring your F-150 home and find that your power’s still on, go ahead and flip the breaker and try out your new generator. We promise not to tell anyone.

Use Work-From-Truck Features

Earlier this year, national polls found that more than half of all Americans are still working from home as a result of the pandemic. So if you find that your office is generally mobile or based from your home, you might want to consider working from your Ford truck.

Although your Ford’s console desk won’t hold two computer monitors, it is large enough for your legal pad or laptop. And with plenty of storage compartments throughout the cab, you can put away your office supplies and get them out of sight.

Interior electrical outlets allow you to recharge your laptop, earbuds, and other technology, as does the aforementioned Pro Power Onboard generator, available in outputs up to 7.2 kilowatts. Plug in your coffee pot to create a mobile breakroom, and you’re all set!

Put Your Truck Tailgate to the Test

Find out what you’re capable of with help from your Ford F-150 truck’s tailgate, which folds down to reveal some surprises that you’ll find handy on the construction site or in your driveway.

Every tailgate is a work surface that includes a smooth section for writing, a built-in measuring tool, cupholder, tablet holder, writing utensil storage, and clamps for holding lumber and other materials while you cut it using your circular saw.

Have you ever been able to say your truck helped you build something? With a new Ford F-150, you can. (And we recommend telling everyone you know.)

Come to Your Texas Ford Dealer to Buy Your 2021 Ford F-150

Feeling inspired by what the new Ford F-150 is capable of? Come see it in action at Zeck Ford in Itasca, Texas! Not only will you leave behind the wheel of an awesome pickup truck, but you’ll also get to experience our refreshing customer service promise, which we call the Zecksperience.

At our Itasca car dealership, you’ll get transparent pricing so you never have to haggle to get the best deal; non-commissioned salespeople who never pressure you; a large inventory of vehicles to choose from; and used cars, trucks, and SUVs that undergo our rigorous inspection before we ever offer them for sale on our lot.

Ready to take a nap, haul cargo, work, and play with your new 2021 Ford F-150? Our personal shoppers are waiting for you to come take a test drive. Shop online, or visit us at 1201 E. Main Street in Itasca, Texas. Call us at 254-221-9015 to make an appointment to buy a new truck today.

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